Kookaburra Korner Early Education Centre Incorporated is a non-profit community based service which opened in February, 1987. The building plans and construction was supervised by Maitland City Council and funded by the Department of Health and Family Services. After initial guidance by the Council, the responsibility of management was handed over to Kookaburra Korner Parent Management Committee. The Centre operates under licensing regulations known as Education & Care Services National Laws & Regulation 2010

During its years of operation, the Centre has provided affordable quality education and child development. The service places an emphasis on providing a developmentally appropriate educational program for all children, which has also enabled children with additional needs to be integrated into a high quality program.

1994 saw the change of name to Kookaburra Korner Early Education Centre Incorporated, which has enabled the community and families to recognise the service as that of an Early Learning Educational Environment.

1998 was again another year of change, with the extension to the existing building to allow our service to operate with three different rooms, and three separate playgrounds. This allows the Centre to cater for Possum (0-2 years), Koala (2-3 1/2 years) and Wombats (3-6 years) children in more age appropriate environments. This has enabled the Centre to increase licensed positions from 40 children to 51 children per day. We provide a home like environment for our families, whilst best meeting their educational needs, and the needs of their children.

Throughout the years Kookaburra Korner has continued to provide high quality education for all children, families and the wider community.

2014/2015 saw another year of change as we began the project of renovation our aging playgrounds into natural play spaces. Play is a vital part of childhood and growing up. Children learn through play to develop social, physical and emotional skills. Providing children with an outdoor learning environment that incorporates for quiet, natural creative activity and stimulates play will allow children to learn whilst using their imagination. By inviting a child to use their initiative and explore possibilities we provide them the best opportunities to learn. Natural spaces create opportunities for children to experience both risk and challenge and can also be a safe place for children to explore.