Health & Saftey

All meals are provided and planned for by our Chef in consultation with the Director. The menu, includes morning and afternoon tea, as well as lunch and late afternoon tea at 4.30pm. All meals are prepared on the day using fresh ingredients. All meals are planned in accordance with Good for Kids and munch n moves. Good for Life Dietary Guidelines for Children’s Services, as well as special dietary needs and cultural requirements.

The children are not forced to eat their meal, rather they are encouraged to taste all foods. Staff and children sit at tables together promoting a pleasant social atmosphere and role modelling.

Families must notify the Centre of any specific instructions in reference to their child’s diet i.e. allergies, intolerances. Dietary forms will need to be completed and signed by your GP.

Drinks are provided by the Centre at all times, this includes milk and water, water is always available to all children indoors and outdoors throughout the day. Educators encourage the children to develop their self-help skills through pouring drinks on their own, and with help when required, of course!


Due to current food handling & hygiene regulations, children’s allergies and intolerances, home made cakes are not permitted to be brought to the centre. Our Chef,

Joel, is able to make a birthday cake for your child which caters for children with a variety of allergies within the centre. A minimal fee is charged. Please see the cake display and prices next to the kitchen window.



Gate and latches must be kept shut at all times. Families, Educators and Visitors - the Centre is SMOKE FREE ZONE, stricyly no smoking on the premises please. Because of the number of young babies and children attending the Centre, the following are NOT to be brought and/or left in reach of children-


During spills or wet weather, educators will display “wet floor signs” wherever applicable. Please use caution around these areas to avoid injury. Also please be aware that running within the centre is not permitted.

Educators check the grounds and equipment each morning, both indoors and outdoors. All children will be strictly supervised and educators also conduct monthly risk assessments to ensure the health and safety of all at Kookaburra Korner.

Educators consistently reinforce safety rules to children during the daily program and specifically programmed i.e

*"Safe Hands": Hands are for playing, not for hurting.

* Walking indoors or on concrete or paved areas, appropriate use of equipment e.g. blocls are for building not throwing.

The educators appreciate you enforcing centre rules, from the moment you enter the premises.

Educators will organise visits from local Police, Ambulance and Fire-fighters to the centre to explain to the children and interested families about protective behaviours, Fire Safety, Road & Bike Safety, Importance of 000 Emergency Number.

Educators will follow up by familiarising children with their full and correct address.

Smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are installed, and are checked regularly.