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The Centre’s fees for this year are approximately:
Minimum Fee: $30.00 Maximum Fee: $98.20

Fees for 2017

Minimum Fee: $30.00 Maximum Fee: $102.70

The fee you pay is dependent upon your combined gross family income. No position will be held without payment of fees. If the position cannot be accepted when offered and the placement is still required, payment of fees applies from the date the position is offered.

Kookaburra Korner offers a variety of fee payment options. They include: Cash, cheque, internet banking, direct debit and centre pay. (please contact Centrelink for the Centrepay option) If you would like to pay fees using internet banking or direct debit, please see Louise or Judy for Kookaburra Korner account details.

Because Kookaburra Korner is a non-profit organisation which relies on fees to cover the everyday running costs of the Centre we need to have strict fee paying guidelines:-

Fees in arrears:-
* one week behind: A reminder sticker and note from the office
* two weeks behind: An account posted and call from the office
* three weeks behind: A management Committee letter regarding outstanding fees and action to be taken.
* four weeks behind: A final notice sent by the Management Committee, child excluded from the Centre, debt collection service enlisted for recovery of debt.

Fees are paid by Cash. For cash use the envelope which is located next to fees box. Please fill in the date of payment and the amount of money enclosed each week, and place the envelope into the locked fees box located on the wall next to bench at the front entrance.

If the fees are paid via internet banking or direct debit, please put a copy of your transaction in the fees box with the date and amount. You are required to put your surname in the reference field to be able to identify your payment on our bank statement.

A receipt will be issued and placed in your file. Please assist by providing the exact amount, as the Centre does not provide change.

Please make cheques payable to Kookaburra Korner. If any cheques presented to the bank are dishonoured, the drawer of the cheque will be liable for any bank charges incurred.

As the Centre is a non profit community organisation, fees are budgeted on the break even running costs for 49 weeks of the year. To maintain your child’s placement at the Centre, it is necessary to charge your daily fee for holidays, sick days or any other absence that your child may take during the year. The exception is Public Holidays.


If a family is experiencing difficulties in paying fees, they should contact the Director immediately. Please do not wait for a debt to accrue before discussing your situation. As the Centre is a non profit organisation, we rely on fees to meet our obligations such as our running costs and staff wages, it is necessary to make immediate arrangements if you fall behind in payments.
Where fees are in arrears, it is the policy of the Centre to terminate care.