Assessment and Rating System Print

The Service is assessed under the National Quality Framework which includes:-

  • Education and Care Services National Law ("National Law")
  • Education and Care Services National Regulations ("National Regulations")
  • A National Quality Standards consisting of 7 Quality areas:

QA 1:Educational program and practice
QA 2:Children's health and safety
QA 3:Physical environment
QA 4:Staffing arrangements
QA 5:Relationship with children
QA 6:Collaborative partnerships with families and communities
QA 7:Leadership and service management

A National Quality rating and assessment process through which services are assessed against the National Quality Standards by Regulatory Authorities and provide with a rating from 1 of the 5 levels:

  • Unsatisfactory
  • Significant Improvement Required
  • Working Towards National Quality Standards
  • Meeting National Quality Standards
  • Exceeding National Quality Standards

Excellent rating Awarded by ACECQA

We are currently rated as "Exceeding National Quality Standards".


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