Hours of Operation Print

The Centre is open for 49 weeks of the year, closing 3 weeks over the Christmas period and all Public Holidays. The Centre is open from 7.30 am until 5.30 pm 5 days per week, Monday to Friday. Due to our licensing and insurance regulations, we are unable to open the doors to parents and children prior to 7.30 am regardless of the circumstances. Kookaburra
Korner closes for all Public Holidays and does not charge for Public Holidays.

A late reimbursement of 2 staff wages (at time and half rates) will apply to any family where a child is still at the Centre after 5.30pm (see Arrivals and Departures Policy)

If your working hours necessitate that your child must be at the centre until late, we ask that you arrive no later then 5.25pm in order to give you enough time to collect your child’s belongings and talk to staff regarding your child’s day.

Please telephone the centre if for any reason you are running late – This is very important.


A charge will be made for late collection of a child. Late collection distresses the child and staff regularly have personal commitments, appointments and children of their own to collect from other care facilities. When a family is late to arrive, staff are required to remain on the premises. If parents are late, they will be expected to pay the 2 staff member wages that are required to stay on the premises (at overtime rates of time and a half).