It is important for parents/caregivers to communicate with staff members to let them know any important information about your child. Also to discuss any medication needs.

Parent involvement plays a major role within our service and may involve attending the centre on any free day to assist in the settling process of your child into the daily routine and new environment; to participate within our educational program; to observe our daily routine and make any suggestions.

The staff of Kookaburra Korner have expertise in child development and special needs programs, and we are committed to the care and education of your child. Parents/caregivers and other family members are encouraged to become involved in the program in various ways and are invited to contribute their knowledge and skills. Some families may wish to participate by sharing a cultural activity or a skill, such as playing a musical instrument or reading a story in their home language. Special activities are arranged from time to time to allow all family members and other members of the community to participate in the Centre’s activities.

Being a non-profit organisation, the Centre places heavy emphasis on Fund Raising ventures to raise money for much needed equipment and maintenance. If your work or home commitments allow for any involvement in our Fund Raising events and Fun days, your time would be greatly appreciated.

Both parents/caregivers and staff work within a partnership approach to assist in the development and implementation of our service and its Educational Curriculum, parent involvement and participation also may include representation on any of our Parent Committees. These include Management Committee, Fund Raising Committee and Policy Review Committee.

Parent involvement also includes reading all newsletters and foyer displays, assisting on excursions, attending parent evenings, committee meetings or offering ideas for activities you would like to see the staff implement into your child’s program.