The Centre and centre Staff endeavour to maintain open lines of communication to all our families, various information evenings will be presented throughout the year with guest speakers, programming consultations, social nights, fund raising.

Each staff member aims to establish a warm relationship with your child, so please feel free to approach them with any concerns, suggestions or questions. Staff are happy to answer your questions in detail but cannot be absent from the children unless prior arrangements are made, so please make an appointment for longer discussions. Please talk to the Director if you are experiencing any difficulties or problems.

The planned educational activities for indoors, outdoors and group time are also displayed within each room for you to peruse. This may allow you to stimulate a discussion at home about your child’s day. The fortnightly MENU is displayed on the Notice Board in the foyer. The daily menu is displayed at the entrance.

Newsletters will also be published covering different events which have been or are coming, a report from each room, information from the kitchen, health issues to keep families informed of current health topics that affect families and much more. Other communication to families will be achieved through posters, informal chats or notices. Parent/caregiver surveys will also be conducted throughout the year to encourage your input into our Centre, programs, policies and routine to name a few.

Parents may give suggestions and feedback via the suggestion box in the foyer, adding items to the agenda o the management board. Parents may also contact the Director in person or by telephone.