Our daily routine involves mixing and separating children of all ages from birth through to 6 years of age. We offer educational programs within our Wombat (3-6 years) and Koala (2 – 3 ½  years) and Possums 0- 2 ½  years) rooms, while providing children with opportunity to socialise with all children during some part of the day.

The Staff at Kookaburra Korner Early Education centre aim to provide high quality care and education within a stimulating and supportive environment. During the day, developmental educational activities are provided for all children. The children are free to choose areas of interest in which they will participate, and who they will play with. Staff act as role models and educator/guides to learning throughout the day, actively involving themselves in all areas of the educational program.

The Staff in all rooms focus on several areas in the daily program. These areas include music and movement, language, dramatic play, science, construction, puzzles, art and creativity, as well as outdoor areas, such as wood working, climbing, obstacle course, and sand pit to name a few.

Our daily program is designed to maximise your child’s development emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically and creatively. Most concepts are taught through play, such as early maths concepts. We also practise pre writing and reading skills through a variety of specially designed experiences and ensure each child meets their individual milestones. Language and communication experiences play a major role in our curriculum.

Programs which provide opportunities and equipment for balanced development in all aspects of growth, are necessary for young children. Children learn naturally through their interests, experience, experimentation, opportunity to practice and through observing appropriate role models.

At Kookaburra Korner we program around extending children’s interests and play, that is, we provide LEARNING CENTRES so that the child can be the explorer, discoverer, problem solver, educator, and inventor. Activities are based on in depth educational knowledge, professional experience and on the developmental needs and interests of the children.