Upon enrolment each child is assigned to a specific member of staff, who will be responsible for your child’s educational development during their stay at Kookaburra Korner. During your child’s first 6 weeks, this staff member will make observations of your child, recording the skills and stages of development that your child has achieved. Objectives will be devised on these observations, to ensure that your child will develop to their full individual potential, learn new skills and ultimately provide them the best start to their educational lives which will assist them in their early school years.

Families receive one initial progress reports during the beginning of the year and a developmental portfolio at the end of the year. We encourage feedback and participation in program design and implementation, as you are your child’s first educator. Records of observations taken throughout the year are available for you to see and discuss. If you are concerned or just want to see how your child is going, please seek out your programming staff member.

A list of daily activities is displayed in each room to give you an idea of the areas your child may participate in. You are free to read these.
Please note: Children’s developmental records are confidential and will not be discussed with anyone other than a parent or guardian, unless there is written permission to do so e.g. external support worker e.g. Speech Pathologist.