Various excursions will be organised throughout the year from visits to community services and shops, and an annual excursion prepared for all children with staff and parents/caregivers to participate. Staff may organise for the Pre School, Toddler or Nursery children to go on walking excursions, e.g. to the local shopping mall, and for each of these excursions, parents must sign a permission note before the excursion date to allow all children to participate. Due to Human Services Community Services regulations, we will require parent/caregivers to volunteer some of their time to assist on these days, to enable our adult to child ratio’s to be maintained. Excursions involving transport will be by buses which have child restraints. All parents attending excursions will be required to complete a “Working with Children Check”.

We also have educators e.g. vets and entertainers e.g. magician who comes into the centre. We aim to do these things on different days so that no child misses out on any of the activities. All organised excursions and visitors will be displayed on our Family Information Area located at the entrance, so that parents will be aware of upcoming events which they would like themselves and their children to participate in. Should an event occur that is not on your child’s day, you are most welcome to attend.