DIRECTOR: Louise Perkins

Diploma of Childrenís Services: Centre Based Care
Senior First Aid Certificate
Authorised Supervisor oversees all areas of the Centre operations to meet licensing requirements and regulations. She is responsible for the management, administration and operation of the Centre; meeting the needs of families and staff whilst also ensuring the centre provides individually based daily educational programs. The
Director is also responsible for maintaining professional standards. All staff are responsible to the Director.



Kookaburra Korner employs¬†educators that specialise in a variety of areas with a wide array of experience and appropriate qualifications, which as a result, provides a wide range of positive and exciting experiences for the children each day. The Centre employs two university qualified teachers and five TAFE trained staff. In addition to this, the centre employs five experienced and skilled child care workers who hols a Certificate 3 in Childrenís Services a clerical officer, a cook and a cleaner. All trained staff hold Senior First Aid Certificates and most staff hold Food Safety and Hygiene Certificates

These staff members are specially trained in the needs of children 0-6 years of age. Each member is responsible for assisting in providing a developmentally appropriate planned program on a daily basis. Kookaburra Korner embraces the Early Years Learning Framework for childrenís services. Staff work in conjunction with the Director to organise and provide an educational program for the children.

All room staff are required to attend conferences each year, to maintain and keep up to date with current early childhood trends and information. Many staff have received specialised training in early childhood immunisation, illnesses and programming and hold Advanced TAFE certificates. Staff will have in depth knowledge of centre policies and have a duty of care to protect the health and welfare of other children enrolled at Kookaburra Korner.
Staff will also be aware of and able to enforce Public Health Unit guidelines, to ensure the safety of all our children, families and the unborn child.


Judy (Thursday 8.3Oam to 4.3Opm an alternate Wednesday & Fridays) and Patricia (Monday and Tuesday 8.30 to 4.30)
Handles all clerical duties and enquiries and is responsible for fees.


Joel (Mon-Fri 8.3Oam to 2.OOpm)
Food Handling, Hygiene and Safe Storage training. Joel is a qualified Chef. Plans and provides a nutritionally based menu which is reflective of our cultural diversity, whilst also considering allergies of individual children, cultural beliefs and acts in accordance with current Food Handling Legislation.


Staff endeavour to not double up on any absences be it roster days off, annual leave. However, if a staff member is unwell on the same day as someone on leave, the staff member is relieved by our pool of regular relief staff


Studentsí participation within our educational program does prove beneficial to the staff, parents and children, as well as aid in the professional development of people who may be interested in Early Childhood as a future career. Students are unable to pick up any baby, toddler or preschool child, due to centre policy. Kookaburra Korner does not participate in High School work experience programs. Kookaburra Korner does not accept volunteers.

Kookaburra Korner conducts a Working with Children Check in accordance with Child Protection Legislation, on all staff, casual staff, students and excursion volunteers to ensure the safety of the children in our care.

Another measure we have in place to ensure the security and safety of the children, families and staff, is a security buzzer. In order to enter the Centre, you will need to press the buzzer at the front door once. You are then required to wait for a staff member to answer the buzzer, who will then ask for you to identify yourself. Please state your full name and the name of your child. You will then hear a buzzing sound, at this time push the door under the handle. Each family must individually identify themselves, even if another family is already at the door.


Kookaburra Korner Early Education Centre Incorporated is a not-for-profit community based service, which is managed through a partnership approach between elected representatives of the parents who use the service (Management Committee) and the Director.


Management is the shared responsibility of the paid and unpaid managers. The unpaid managers are the honorary members of the management committee, who have final accountability for the way the organisation is run. This includes legal accountability for financial and industrial aspects, as well as the ultimate responsibility for the quality of the service delivery and all organisational policies.

The paid manager is the Director, who is delegated by the Management Committee, the responsibility for the day to day and on going running of the organisation, quite simply because the whole focus of their job is the management of the organisation.

Management Committee Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at Kookaburra Korner at 7.00 pm. All parents are invited to attend these meetings and add to our agenda items.

For more detailed information of the Management Committee and its structure and function, please read our Management Committee notice board located in the foyer.

In order for you to familiarise yourself with the members of the Management Committee, please see the Management Committee noticeboard for photos and position titles.

Upon enrolment, new families will receive an Association Membership Form. Agreeing to become an Association Member entitles you to voting rights regarding changes to the Constitution. Further details are provided with the membership. A copy of the Constitution is located on the Management Committee Board for your information.

If you wish to become a member of the Management Committee, you must be a parent of a child at the centre. You must then attend the Annual General Meeting which is held on the last Wednesday in February. ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬†All existing members stand down from their positions and new members are elected. Existing members may be re-elected if nominated and voted as such. If in the instance a position on the Management Committee becomes available throughout the year, all parents will be notified and any interested parents should approach the Director.